Personal Branding Photography – Surrey Hills Reflexology

From relaxation to aiding fertility, capturing Lou at Surrey Hills Reflexology taught me so much about this wonderful therapy. It was also a fantastic Personal Branding Photography session that I want to share with you all. However, first of all…

Reflexology – what is it?

Contrary to popular belief, Reflexology is not just massage for the feet (or hands). It is an ancient art based on reflex points in the feet which correspond to every part of your body. The benefits of this treatment seem endless, and recently there has been much publicity for its role in aiding conception. Reflexology also has powerful benefits for sufferers of IBS and insomnia too, as well as being a relaxing therapy in its own right.

What to expect from a treatment

Your first visit to Surrey Hills Reflexology begins with a lifestyle questionnaire. This covers your health and what you want from your treatment. Working with you through this questionnaire, Lou takes this information and tailors the treatment she provides specifically to your needs.

This is all completed in the privacy and comfort of the wonderful treatment room Lou has created next to her home. Family is clearly important here, from the location of the treatment room to helping others to start their own.  Its just another thing that helps you settle into your experience.

Photographing Lou providing a treatment was relaxing in itself. The reassurance given as the treatment progresses. Explanations as to what specific techniques are treating, and checking on your comfort.  It really is a perfect treatment regardless of your reason for booking.

The recent addition of Baby Reflexology is another reason to visit or contact Surrey Hills Reflexology. Offering one-on-one teaching or group sessions, Lou teaches you the techniques that will help settle your baby and treat common complaints including colic and teething.

Surrey Hills Reflexology – Personal Branding

It was important to Lou that people knew where they would be coming for their treatments. That they would feel comfortable as soon as they arrived. The photographs I took had to communicate the experience Clients would enjoy and the space it would happen in.

The conversations Lou and I had before my first visit gave me a clear understanding of why Lou had trained as a Reflexologist. I knew how she wanted to treatment room to be seen. The importance of each small detail, and how I could showcase this and her treatments with the photographs I took.

The important details

Knowing all of these details meant I could photograph Lou without asking dozens of questions to confirm my thinking. There was no need to interrupt the treatment Lou was providing and I knew which details were important capture.

Before her brand photography session, Lou had asked that the photographs be natural, light and soft. Those viewing the images on her Instagram page or website should be able to immediately get a sense of what a treatment with Surrey Hills Reflexology would be like. The photographs would be a taster of what was to come and transport people to that couch before they had even booked.

It is taking the time to ascertain all of these details, to really get to know you and your business, which makes an effective branding photography session. Just as Lou takes the time to get to know her Clients, their backgrounds and specific needs, so too do I when you entrust me to capture these important moments for you.

A testimonial for Surrey Hills Reflexology

After seeing Lou provide a treatment I booked in myself to benefit from her skills. I knew a little of what to expect, but never having experienced this treatment and being very ticklish, I was nervous. Lou immediately put me at ease, constantly checked on my comfort (I did nod off), and managed to provide the whole treatment without me squirming through a tickle even once.

A somewhat intermittent insomniac, I have to say I had the best night sleep ever after that first treatment with Lou. It was lovely having been able to get to know Lou and the space that she has created Surrey Hills Reflexology. I will definitely be booking back in again and before Lou’s Brand Photography needs refreshing!

If you would like to find out more about Surrey Hills Reflexology you can visit their website here. Equally, if you’ve read this and realised you need your own Brand Photography updated, get in touch now and let’s transport your Clients into the world you offer.



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