Personal Branding Photography – Capturing a Sound Healer and a Dance Shaman

It’s not everyday you are asked to capture the brand of a Sound Healer. It wasn’t until I met Kathryn Wakefield that I even knew such a thing existed. Yet capture the Sound Healer at work to provide personal branding imagery is what I did. Here I share a little behind this process and how all businesses, whether they be personal brands, corporates or alternative therapists, can benefit from Personal Branding Photography.

Brand Values

Kathryn and I have been speaking for just under a year. We first got to know one another through Kathryn’s coaching business. Kathryn has an extensive background in coaching and therapy, as well as an affinity with alternative therapies such as essential oils, crystals, meditation and now Tibetan Sound Healing.

Spending time with Kathryn, learning about what drew her to combine these worlds, how they intertwine with her personal life and aspirations, all helped to establish what her brand values are. Through her various work, the brand values remain the same; the desire to help others thrive, to empower, to release what holds you back and help you find your place in the world. Everything Kathryn provides is for you. Making your life better is what drives her.

Brand Voice

Just like the brand creator herself, the voice of the business is a happy, uplifting and natural one. If you’re happy you’re encouraged to laugh, if you’re sad you’re encouraged to cry and let the emotion out. There are no limitations to the what you can and cannot express when working with Kathryn. The voice of this brand is a welcoming one. A permission granting one. A voice that says you are perfect just as you are – embrace you.

Translating this through imagery was as enjoyable as it was challenging. Over the course of three photography sessions, including having the pleasure of capturing Kathryn and her family, the voice that spoke from Kathryn’s photographs spoke in the same voice you can expect to hear when you first meet Kathryn yourself.

Brand Aesthetic

The look and feel of a brand is always key, especially establishing this to ensure consistency in all you do. I spend a lot of time with my Clients to get to the bones of what their Brand means to them and what they want this to reflect. 

The Brand aesthetic, or ‘brand look’, needs to be strong and attention grabbing. It should be scroll-stopping, head-turning and emotionally impacting. This is what you will come to be known by and how people will speak about you.

For Kathryn the brand look is bright, bubbly yet calm, serene yet excitable. It encompasses all of life’s emotions but in a way that mirrors flow. Think of a stream flowing downhill that begins as a trickle, gathers to a rapid and then eases out, softly caressing the rocks and banks as it passes through and draws breath for the next cycle. 

When Two Worlds Combine

For the final of the three photography sessions, I had the pleasure of capturing Kathryn at the studio of Nia instructor and therapist Jo Turner. Jo also joined us at the start and end of the session and it was a pleasure to watch the energies of Kathryn and Jo combining as the Sound Healer and Dance Shaman merged their treatments, with Jo not only explaining but demonstrating how Nia works.

Over to You

If this post has got you asking whether you own Branding Photography reflects the above, why not get in touch for a free consultation. I’d be delighted to review your current branding and work with you to ensure your imagery truly reflects you and makes you the brand to remember for all the right reasons.



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