Your Branding Photographer

We’re about to embark on an exploration together through your branding photography. As this is a very personal adventure, I think its only fair that I let you get to know me a little too, as well as beginning to explain why I want to be your branding photographer.

A Surrey dweller now, I think its the London in me and how everyone is always in such a rush that I am actually quite a private person; I didn’t even know my neighbours after my childhood one’s moved away when I was 11. Anyhow, I digress, here is a bit about me and why I want to know everything about you and your business and personal branding needs.

The Basics

Well, you know that my name is Victoria, the business name is the give away there, but that’s possibly all you know at the moment. I’m the London girl that left the city for another (Leeds in case you were wondering) but was forced back by an evil corporate job which also happened to take me away from my then new Fiancé (boos and hisses are welcomed here).

It sounds very cheesy but I ADORE Photography, being a Photographer, learning about Photography, seeing the work of and meeting other Photographers, everything. I am also very family focussed and love mine dearly and hope that we continue to grow.

Fast forward to today and that ‘new Fiancé’ is now my amazing best friend and Husband (Ali). Whilst we don’t live in Yorkshire we have chosen the the equally beautiful and very friendly Surrey. Along with swapping the city for the country, we’ve also expanded our family to include our dog (Neo) and I kissed goodbye to that corporate job to create the life I wanted  – one without compromise. 

My transition from corporate salary to self-employment was not a simple one and there was much to learn, the important of branding and having a clear message being a big part of that process. Now I use my own experiences to guide you through the journey of defining and capturing your brand. What is the point of an experience after all if nobody can benefit from it?

My favourite things

When we meet in person I am likely to suggest coffee, although I rarely drink that now, if at all. I am a serious stationary magpie, love to share my latest recipe finds, and will definitely mention Neo or Ali at least once. I also used to ride a motorcycle. The motorcycle love continues and if I hadn’t met Ali I would definitely have married Valentino Rossi. Valentino didn’t quite get around to asking but I know its only because we were never in the same place at the same time, it’s ok though Vale, I know there is someone deserving of you out there. Oh how we laugh.

Lastly, I love to listen. Honestly, if I hadn’t been so passionate about being a Photographer I could easily have seen myself becoming some kind of coach or therapist as I love hearing about other peoples adventures, hopes and ambitions. Through my branding photography I am now able to take that further and help those aspirations become a reality.

Why I’m passionate about branding photography

Photography is my superpower. It gives me a medium to change the world as a whole and your individual one. Through taking the time to get to know you and your business we work together to capture the images that empower you, your business and your brand to thrive. 

Branding Photography – personal or for your social media or website, is so much more than a pretty flat-lay or professional headshot. You have heard the saying that ‘an image speaks a thousand words’, let those photographs we capture speak in your language to your audience.

So that’s a little about me in my first hello and why I am here, showing up for you, ready to help you create the brand and business you desire. Remember, I love to listen, so if you have anything you’d like to know more about for your branding photography let me know. I cannot wait to hear about your journey so far and which next amazing stage of it I can capture for you.



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