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Business Coaches, Mentors and Inspirations

Business coaches, mentors, and inspirational people can be key to growing and maintaining a thriving business. In this blog, I share details of five such people that help me to do just that. The Coach Liana Fricker I first met Liana when I joined her and other business owners for a walk around Birtley Estate,...

One Day Becomes Day One

How many times have you said to yourself “one day I will…”? I said this for too long about so many things, yet now, one day has become day one. I want to bring you on day one with me, sharing all the feels – the fears, the ecstasy, the unknowns. Are you ready? Day...

Personal Branding Photography – Surrey Hills Reflexology

From relaxation to aiding fertility, capturing Lou at Surrey Hills Reflexology taught me so much about this wonderful therapy. It was also a fantastic Personal Branding Photography session that I want to share with you all. However, first of all… Reflexology – what is it? Contrary to popular belief, Reflexology is not just massage for...

Your Branding Photographer

We’re about to embark on an exploration together through your branding photography. As this is a very personal adventure, I think its only fair that I let you get to know me a little too, as well as beginning to explain why I want to be your branding photographer. A Surrey dweller now, I think...


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